My name is Jevon DeLoatch Independent Team Beach Body Coach. I’m a Marine (well I’ve been out for a while now, but once a Marine, always a Marine), 37, father of 3.  I always want to be fit and healthy, but after I got of of the Corps, I became lazy.  About a 2 years ago, the company I worked for decided to run a health fair, and a couple of fitness competitions with the vision of the employees working and living a healthy lifestyle. With my entry, I decided to make a go at. Starting weight 264. By the end of the challenge I lost 8 lbs (gain 14 lbs muscle, lost 22 lbs of fat).  Fast forward to a few months later and after entering an Insanity challenge, I got the desire to do this as a job.
Now, down to 220 after the challenge, I became a Beachbody Coach.  I have a desire to help and inspire others who have, or may have the same desire. I even want to inspire those that don’t know even now yet.
I have seen the success stories of hundreds so I know other’s like them and myself can be successful too!!!  This page is dedicated to you.
I am a father and husband and I love my family
I am a Marine
Although I’m no longer enlisted, traits like loyalty, dedication, unselfishness, commitment, etc still hold true within me
I am put others before myself
I like helping others even when it isn’t expected
I have two jobs, IT and Beachbody
I want to inspire others
I enjoy health, fitness, and nutrition
I believe people want to change their health, fitness, and nutrition but don’t know where to start.
I became a coach to help, assist, inspire, and change, these same people

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