The Purpose

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Inspiration

I’m turning 37 later this year.  So I feel like I’m a little late on getting fit, and eating healthier.  A lot has to do with my outer appearance, but I generally do want to be fit overall, mental and physically.

I began regularly working out and eating right a couple of years ago. I started at 264, with about 34% Body Fat.

The workout schedule went a little like this:

Monday – Gym then Taekwondo

Tuesday – Taekwondo

Wednesday – Walk 2 miles for lunch then Gym

Thursday – Taekwondo

Friday – Gym

Saturday –off (but if my wife was off from work I would do Taekwondo)

Sunday – off

My diet changed from 3 high fat meals to 5 – 6 small meals throughout the day.  After about 12 weeks, I went from 264 to 256 (lost 21 lbs. of fat, gained 13 lbs. of muscle).  After the 12 weeks, I feel off the wagon a little (typical with diets, will blog my belief on diets later), with both eating and working out.  With the cutting back however, I still maintained (up to last month) to stay within 252 – 254.

Today I’m sitting at 250, with 25% BF.  Just remembered, I’m 6’3”. That piece of information is also important to know.  Anywho, I have a renewed vigor to get back in this.  The goal now,  225 – 230, 10-15% BF.

Lets do this……..


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