WHY do you wake…

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Inspiration

Here’s a little back story.  My manager pretty much asked me during a one on one, why it is I do what I do.  Why is it that I want to get the CCNA and CCNA Voice certification (they are IT certs)? All I can think of is more money.  He then began to tell me that I shouldn’t chase money, I should be doing what I love, and the money will come.  He ended the conversation by showing me a Simon Sinek video about his (Simon) Golden Circle theory.

This theory explains why some people prosper and become successful in doing things where others have failed. He began by drawing three circles (one big circle, the second circle is smaller and placed inside of the first circle and the third one is inside of the second circle). The inside circle contains the word “Why”, and second, “How”, the outside circle, “What”.  His theory is that most people tend to (when selling themselves, their product) start with what it is they can do, how they can do it, but can never really answer the why, or is allowed to get to the why.  Their audience is lost during the what, and how stage.   On the other hand, those that begin with “why” really won’t have to work their way to “what”. They’ve sold you at “why”.  They take what you believe in, and make it their own belief. Example, why is it that Apple (one of Simon’s examples), was able to take mp3 players and make you want to buy them, over Dell’s mp3 player? They both had the same endgame. Apple got you to believe that their mp3 player was the most beautiful designed gadget used to listen to music.  Dell tried to sell what their mp3 player can do. Where’s Dell’s mp3 player now?

I started to think if IT is really where I needed to be.  I’m also a chef. I love food, I love preparing for others.  I’ve also, two years ago, began working out and eating healthier.  I love Taekwondo.  I’m still working on how to word my “why”, but all the loves I just mentioned will be a part of it. This all leads to this, my first blog. I want to get certified in Nutrition and personal training. I want to take my culinary skill, and create healthy recipes while taking existing recipes and make them healthier. I want to roll it all into a little package, and help others along their way. I’m going to continue blogging. Hopefully help a few people while helping myself and my family.

Why do I get up in the morning? Why should anyone care? Other than the obvious (providing for self and family), stay tuned. Let’s find out.


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